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At Elliott Bay we design and manufacture custom display fixtures, wayfinding fixtures, signs and furniture for libraries, retail store fixtures, bank displays, plus schools and hospitality fixtures. We are located near Seattle, Washington, USA, but can supply and service customers across the United States!

Library Fixture Manufacturing

Libraries are becoming third place destinations.  They are place to go between home and work. It is important to keep the library at the forefront of people’s minds and communicate value to library customers. Surveys show that most library clients would like to find what they are looking for in privacy and by themselves. In this era of shrinking budgets and reduced staff, Elliott Bay can help you achieve this with our world class library fixture manufacturing process! -> Read More

The KCLS Display Shelving System

Elliott Bay Metal Fabrication, Inc. is producing King County Library's new Display Shelving System. King County Library System, located in the Seattle, Washington area, is the third largest public library in the United States. The Display Shelving System is a modular, powered system of three foot wide display units with wood bases. Their primary purpose is to feature books, DVD's, and other offerings that the library has available to patrons.

The panel system is built around metal interior frames. The faces or tiles attached to the frames are steel perforated to accept a variety of display shelves, bins and even LED monitors. The owner has the ability to specify tiles of various materials and finishes and the ability to be switch them in the field. The panels can be ordered in pre-configured units and shipped knocked-down.

The wood base cabinets support the display panel. They are solidly attached to the frames. In-line panels connect using simple nuts and bolts. Each 36” panel is wired for power and can be wired for data. The electrical system permits power infeed at the base or from above. Lighting is provided by overhead, extruded, brushed aluminum, LED light strips. The shelving units are powder coated steel and come in a variety of sizes and configurations, including pull-out bins. The shelf units hang from the slotted tiles and also include monitor mounts and work-surfaces which hang via steel cantilever brackets.

In addition to shelving units this system has a variety of infill sections also. These include, but are not limited to seating, book bins and display risers. Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating has been in business for more than 20 years and manufactures library and retail fixtures out of metal, acrylic and wood. Our focus is primarily library signs, Wayfinding and fixtures. We are located in a suburb of Seattle, and can be reached at (206)-898-8859.

Wayfinding Products Manufacturer

How to help your customers help themselves.
Wayfinding is the organization and communication of our dynamic relationship to space and the environment. Successful design to promote wayfinding allows people to:
(1) determine their location within a setting,
(2) determine their destination, and
(3) develop a plan that will take them from their location to their destination.

Wayfinding or environmental graphics help your customers help themselves. This is true in retail, medical, hospitality, libraries, museums and schools.

Elliott Bay Metal is a leader in Wayfinding Sign Manufaturing! -> Learn More

20+ Years of Experience: Over the past 20+ years Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating has met the needs of hundreds of customers in many different markets. Our company was founded in 1991. We were originally custom metal fabricators but our focus has expanded. From the early days, we have experience in fabricating a wide variety of custom products including brewing equipment, architectural fixtures, railings and gates, signs, furniture, medical equipment, lighting fixtures and food processing equipment. Our metal fabricators are quality craftsmen experienced in stainless steel, aluminum, Ferris and nonferrous metals.  

Everything from Design to Installation: Since those early days, we have expanded our emphasis to include full design of everything from individual fixtures to complete environments. We have widened our material portfolio to metal, wood, acrylic, laminate, glass and veneers. Our experience in a wide variety of resources benefits our customers by having a designer and supplier who understands these materials, as well as the capability to incorporate these materials into exciting presentations that gain attention. We offer everything from beginning to end, including design, prototyping, manufacturing, fulfillment, shipping, installation and project management. Imagine the load we can take off your plate.

Flexible Solutions for Your Business: At Elliott Bay, service is number one. You will find a company who genuinely wants to help you find solutions for your business. Someone who explores answers to your needs with you. And someone who is your partner in the design and manufacturing process. Elliott Bay’s customers benefit from our experience and knowledge by acquiring tailored solutions that are not canned or “one size fits all.”

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